KATRIS Wall Mount Kit Assembly Instructions

First, choose a location and the position of the KATRIS block on the wall.

The Wall Mount Kit includes brackets (2), screws (4), and drywall anchors (4). You will need a pencil, a level, a hammer, and a screwdriver for the installation. The supplied screws and anchors are not meant for use on metal studs, concrete, bricks, or cinder block walls. If you are uncertain about the nature of your wall, consult an installation contractor.

Each shape has specific position requirements. Refer to the included manual for the best points to place the brackets. KATRIS shelves are only safe to use in the suggested orientations and bracket positions. You can risk being seriously injured if you do not adhere to these requirements.

After deciding on the position of the KATRIS block and brackets, turn the block 180 degrees and place it on the floor.

Place the brackets on the KATRIS block to be hammered.

Hammer the first bracket into the block, ensuring there is no gap between the block face and the bracket.

Follow the same steps for the second bracket.

Hammered brackets create a slot in the block while helping you with the alignment in the following steps.

Turn the block 180 degrees again. Hold the brackets in place in case they fall down. You might need some assistance from here on.

Lift the block up to the installation area.

Use level to make sure it is straight.

Make a mark with a pencil between the grooves on both brackets.

Place the block back on the floor and remove the brackets.

Align the first bracket with the line on the wall and make a mark inside the bracket holes.

Install the drywall anchors if needed. If you are unsure what fixtures to use, please consult your local hardware store.

Install the screws inside the anchor or on the marked points if you did not use an anchor.

After installing both brackets, place the block back onto the brackets, aligning with the slots created in Step 8.

Do not overload and go beyond the weight limit of 75 pounds. Enjoy!

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