KATRIS Nest Assembly Instructions

What’s in the Box

A. Bottom Ring
B. Top Ring
C. Felt Cover
D. 108-piece KATRIS Nest Wall 

E. Scratcher Pad

Step 1

Take each wall piece (E) and fold it towards the creased side. Then press the folded pieces firmly down onto the bottom ring (A). Make sure there is no gap between parts E and A. Take your time with this step. We suggest some relaxing background music.

Note: There are 108 pieces in total (2 extra), but you only need 106 pieces to assemble the Nest.

Step 2

After all 106 pieces have been placed firmly and evenly apart, insert the top ring (B). Press the ring down and lock it in place (E). You shouldn’t see any gap between part E and part B.

Step 3

Put the scratcher pad in the center.

Step 4

The removable felt cover in the center provides added comfort for your cat.

KATRIS in the Wild