KATRIS Nest Side Panels Kit

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Pearl White
Midnight Black
Hanami Pink
Nordic Blue
Yosemite Green
  • KATRIS Nest Side Panels Kit includes 25 colorful panels, 2 cat scratcher pads, and a bag of KATRIS catnip.
  • Revamp your cat's nest by replacing old panels and combining them with new ones.
  • Create a unique and customized nest for your cat.
  • The nest requires 100 panels to complete.
  • All materials are made with 100% recyclable cardboard.

Create a Nest as colorful as your cat!

100% Recyclable

Unique Colors

Endless Combinations

Behold the imaginative KATRIS NESTs crafted by everyone!


  • Five colors: Midnight black, Pearl white, Hanami Pink, Nordic Blue, and Yosemite Green.
  • The KATRIS Nest Side Panels Kit includes:
        25 colorful panels
        2 cat scratcher pads
        A bag of KATRIS catnip